In applying to be a member of Mountain Light Sanctuary I understand that:

  • Membership is $50 calendar per year, which covers from Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st
  • Memberships will not be required for the balance of 2018 but sign ups before December 31st, 2018 will cover all of 2019.
  • Membership is only required by the person making a reservation and not for those who may be sharing the same accommodation.
  • Members are free to visit the Sanctuary and spend the day or any part thereof by prior arrangement and without charge (we do not accept unannounced ‘drop-ins.”)

Payment Methods Instructions

  • PayPal should be sent to
  • MoneyGram should be made out to Michael Lightweaver.

One or Two Year Membership:

2 Year Membership Gift:

I have chosen the two year membership option. Please send me a copy of your book as check below:

Click here to review the content of each of these books at Amazon.

Payment Method:

Additional information or comments: