Deposits, Cancellations, No Shows, Availability.

We operate on an honor system with a lot of trust in people. For this reason we do not request a deposit. We do ask you to let us know ASAP if you need to cancel so the accommodation can be made available to others. That said, unfortunately there are a few who do not cancel and simply do not show up. In these cases we do not accept a future reservation from these individuals.   If you are unsure of your plans, you can inquire about availability for certain dates by sending an email to

Reservation Confirmations

We do not have an automatic confirmation notice. Each reservation is handled personally. If you have not received your confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us at


Note that we request a two night minimum stay.

The exceptions are the Banana Patch beds, camping or last minute reservations (within two days of arrival) based on availability. Required fields marked*

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