Meet Our Seasonal Staff

We operate with an all volunteer staff based on our work exchange program. Our staff is in constant flux.  However a few end up long term based on their skills and the Sanctuary’s needs. Currently there are five of us here for the summer, with others coming and going throughout the season. Each one brings a unique energy, skill and perspective to our evolving community.

Yama Suddha – Yama, a native of Virginal, has returned to us after spending several months at the Sanctuary last summer. Yama is a Self Realization guide, guitarist, singer/ songwriter and healer. He has dedicated his time here on Earth to assist humanity in awakening to their essential nature. Yama is available for medicine music sessions (live guitar & singing), guiding you into an effortless peace of mind, dropping you into full presence, allowing for emotional release, physical healing and perhaps self-realization. If interested, just ask for Yama when you arrive for details or to make an appointment. Offered by donation.

Omni Sean – Omni a native of Kansas, returns to the Sanctuary after several years of travel. He is a long term student of various healing modalities with specialized training in massage and yoga. Omni is offering guests massages on a donation basis. Using sound, orgonite, passive and fluent touch, he works intuitively and caringly with the bodies energetic systems to restore balance and harmony. He can help you relax, reharmonize your body and feel unchained from pain.  If interested, just ask for Omni when you arrive for details or to make an appointment.

Paa Kwesi Inkumsah – Paa joins us from Ghana, West Africa. He likes to describe himself asa bundle of positive vibes affecting and inspiring people to find and achieve their purpose in life. He formulates and builds strategy and helps brands breath and thrive.   His professional background is in human resource training and development, idea/concept generation, social media marketing, building and marketing brands, negotiations, trade advocacy as well as personal, leadership and entrepreneurship coaching. His speciality is inspiring people to find and achieve their purpose in life. He is available for life coaching sessions by donation.

Nicholas Napoli – Nicholas, who describes himself as a minimalist, comes to us Washington & Wisconsin where he was deeply involved in several creative initiatives including coordinator of “MadTown Poetry” and spiritual poetry pot luck dinners. He a founding member of the Madison Mutual Aid Network and president of “Confluent”,  a creative space that hosts classes, workshops and events and provides space for creative folks to work on their projects and have fun. Nicholas is available to take you on nature walks to some of our hidden favorites such as the Elf Pools, Fairy Falls and the Ancestors Cavern. Along the way you will learn about the history of the area and our unique flora and fauna, including medical plants. Offered by donation

Michael Lightweaver – Michael is founder and current caretaker of the Sanctuary. Michael offers Guidance session to help you understand and deal with the mundane concerns of life such as money, relationships, health, sex, family, friends, career and other day-to-day issues –all as curriculum in the larger context of soul growth & spiritual development. If you are going thro ugh a major life transition, seeking insight & understanding related to personal issues & concerns, just feeling stuck or simply seeking to deepen your connection with Divine Presence, you just ask for Michael when you arrive to make an appointment. Offered by donation.