Mountain Light is graced with many beautiful gardens. As you step through the entry gate you feel you are stepping into another world, a world where time and daily concerns have less meaning. The entry path, through the bamboo grove, will take you past the Balihouse, Frodos, Oconaluftee, and the Trehouse on your right and finally the Hermitage, all sitting along the river. To your left you will see the Banana Patch through the bamboo. As you wander about the property you will find the grotto of the Divine Feminine, The ZenTao, the St. Francis garden, our Celtic stone circle / Native American medicine wheel and our main flower garden adjacent to the lodge.

Stepping through the gate and bamboo wall behind the lodge, you enter our Japanese garden, a shaded, cool green world of flowing water, moss covered rocks, ferns, vines and a sense of utter peace and timelessness. The simple stone path is laid out in such a way as to slow you down, cause you to pause and to notice the little things which are often missed when we move to fast. The whole garden was built as a metaphor for life’s journey. There are many inner secrets hidden here for those who take the time to find them.

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Merlins Bridge

Entry Gate

Entry Path

Council House

Creek Bordering Sanctuary

Banana Trees & Stone Circle

Stone  Circle

Wuhan Chau Gong                                                                                                     Gongs have a long and venerable history in spiritual communities, especially in the temples of Asia. This is a Chau Gong, made in Wuhan, China where the ancient art of casting gongs is still kept alive by a few traditional families. This particular Gong  has been dedicated as an “Intentions Gong” with the purpose of assisting you to manifest your personal intentions as well as your intentions for humanity and Mother Earth. The sound of the gong serves two purposes; to clear away old stagnant energy surrounding your intentions and to renew, empower and send forth your intentions with into the Universe. Before ringing the gong, get a clear idea of the intention you want to empower. What are the old energies that need to be dissolved for your intention to manifest? Take a few moments and get a clear picture in your mind as to what you wish to manifest. Then, imagine this intention in a bubble in front of the gong. As you strike the gong, imagine all limitations and blocks being removed and your intention being sent out with powerful force into the Universe toward manifestation.

A Place To Chill

Our flower garden next to the Lodge

Path Through Our Bamboo Grove

Dancing Heart Pavilion

Garden Of Divine Feminine

Celtic Cross In Our Stone Circle

St. Francis Garden

Poopy Palace


Outdoor Shower

Brigitts Well

Japanese Garden

Bamboo Grove

A Place To Chill