Personal Retreats

There comes a point in each of our lives when we need some time apart.: a time for personal assessment: where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going; a time to renew our creative energies: a time for spiritual reflection; a time without telephones, television, family, work or responsibilities; a time of returning to the basics and reconnecting with the sustaining power of nature. When you need that time, Mountain Light Sanctuary is here for you

The Sanctuary is ideal for personal retreats. It is the perfect place to read, write, paint, meditate, or to use as your base camp for exploring endless miles of national forest trails into the mountains. Guests have a variety of accommodations to choose from including enclosed shelters with four walls such as the Hermitage, Treehouse, Frodos and rooms in the Lodge, as well as open air three sided shelters directly on the river, such as Oconaluftee, Balihouse, Rivendell, Narnia and Enchantment, Amitaba and GardenView. This wide variety offers something for everyone according to your comfort level and budget. For photos, click here.


Working Retreats

If you are a writer, an artist or have a job that allows you to work online, and would like a quiet place in nature to work, you can find this at Mountain Light. Although we do not have cell phone reception or a TV, we do have dependable, high speed internet. So the Sanctuary is a great place for a working retreat. You can bring your laptop and stay connected with day-to-day responsibilities. The idea of spending a few hours working on your laptop and then having the option of a hike in the forest, lying in a hammock under the forest canopy or sitting next to the cascading mountain creek is much better than sitting in an office cubbyhole under florescent lights. And, of course, you can write it off as a business expense.

Silent Retreats

There comes a time in each of our lives that we need to pause and step away from the noise, dramas & distractions of daily life, to find that ‘still small voice’ within: To reflect on where we have been, where we are and where we are going. When you need time for quiet reflection, a few days of silent retreat here at Mountain Light may speak to your soul. Sunday through Thursday nights are normally quiet here and the perfect time for a silent or quiet retreat. And, if you wish we even have signs you can hang around your neck that say “I’m on Silent Retreat. Please accept my smile as a greeting.”

Group Retreats

The Sanctuary is great venue for small group workshops or retreats in a relaxed setting close to nature. We can provide beds for groups up to 25 with accommodations ranging from indoor guest rooms to outdoor shelters. We offer both exclusive use for groups of 15 or more and non-exclusive use for smaller groups. If you wish to reserve the whole Sanctuary for a group of 15 or more, then each participant would need to become a member and send in their individual reservation form. If we received at least 15 reservation from group participants, we would close reservations to anyone outside of the group. For more details, send your questions to  Check out these group retreat photos.