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Are You Living By Default or Design?

The ancient mystics taught that our circumstances and experience in life are in fact nothing more than a mirror of our beliefs; both personal and collective. Quantum physics is now proving the truth of this, showing with scientific experiments, that we live in an interconnected holographic universe of our own creation. This is both the good news and the bad news.

The bad news is that we can no longer have the luxury of playing the victim since at the deepest levels we are participants in creating our experience. Now this isn’t easy to swallow when you are facing desperate challenges that definitely look like someone else’s fault; a family member, spouse, friend, colleague, a group of people or the government. But this is also the good news. If we are creators then we can change the circumstances and situations which seem to imprison us.

The only question is how?

There is an equally ancient philosophy that teaches that all circumstances are essentially neutral and that it is the meaning that we give them, based on our preconceived beliefs, that cause us to be angry, happy, frustrated or whatever.

Now if these two ideas are true and if we are responsible for our reality, why is it that so many people are so unhappy? It is because 999.99% of the people of the world live by default and not by design. We wake up, go to work, do what is expected of us, day after day after day until one day, when we are old, we look back and wonder where the days went and what it was all about. That is the result of living by default.

Living by design is just the opposite. It is living with meaning, purpose and passion; knowing where you want to go in life and how to get there. It is to aid people on this journey that the Mountain Light Institute For Conscious Creation was created. It is a step-by-step program designed to help you figure out where you want to go in life and how to get there.

But it isn’t for everyone..

If you are already in the perfect relationship, have all the money you need, are in great health, feel wonderful about yourself, are living in harmony with family, friends and co-workers, have the ideal job or business and have just about all the joy in life you can handle, then you can ignore the rest of this..

If you are like the rest of us, you may want to read on..

Our life is what we make it, consciously or unconsciously, according to our intentions and based on our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Perhaps you have read “The Secret” and know that we are powerful creators; powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. The problem is this; most of our creations are unconscious and usually the result of focusing on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. The real secret is to learn how to consciously create what we really want in life rather than continually creating unconsciously what we don’t want. This is true for us individually as well as humanity as a whole.

How do we do this? First and foremost, we need to learn and understand how the Universe works; Universal laws. Secondly we need to know how to consciously & deliberately apply these to our own lives rather than simply allowing life to happen to us

That’s what the Institute for Conscious Creation is all about – to help you learn how to become a master of the situations and circumstances of life.

We do this through a study program that includes reading, journaling, written exercises, discussions and practice. This program is set up with a curriculum specifically designed to teach you how to become a conscious creator.

Here’s how it works. Once you enroll you will be asked to complete a set of seven written exercises. These are designed to help you determine exactly what you want in life (i.e. goals and intentions) and how to obtain them. This will become an initial blueprint or roadmap for creating the life you want. It will continually evolve over the course of time as you evolve and grow over the course of your studies.

Once you have completed your exercises, you will be given a couple of very small books: The first book is designed to rekindle your ability to dream. The second book is to remind you of the importance of your thoughts. Once you have completed the written exercises and the first two introductory books, you will have laid the foundation for mastering the Law of Attraction and seeing your dreams come true. You will also be ready to begin your study program.

The curriculum is divided into two sections. Section one deals with core teachings related to conscious creation. These include Attitudes and Beliefs, the Law of Attraction, Intentions, Goals, Gratitude, Treasure Mapping and Journaling. These books, along with some practical written exercises, will give you the foundation for consciously creating what you want in life. The second section deals with the primary areas of life that most people what to master, such as relationships, finances, health and emotions. The principles & techniques in these two sections will show you how to bring your dreams into reality.

So what do you really want?

The three primary issues that most people struggle with are usually related in some way to finances, relationships and health. For this reason, we have included a comprehensive list of reading options in those areas, offering you the option of choosing those books which speak most directly to your personal concerns.

Lets start with Attitudes & Beliefs

There is one important element missing in most law-of-attraction teachings. You can only attract into your life what you believe you can have and this is based on your beliefs about yourself and the world. Compare it to a pipeline that comes from a large reservoir. The amount of water is virtually limitless, but how much you can receive depends on two things; the size of the pipeline and whether it is free of blocks. Are you working with a one inch pipe or a six inch pipe? Are there any blocks – such as negative thoughts – in your pipeline that would interrupt or divert the flow? It is our beliefs that determine the size of our pipeline as well as the blocks which might prevent the flow. So before we get into the specific techniques of manifestation, it is important to make sure our pipe is large and clear enough to provide what we want. That’s what the first few books are designed to do.

But let’s begin at the beginning. Before we look at our attitudes and beliefs, we need to jump start our ability to dream big and remember the vital role our thoughts play in determining our circumstances in life. That’s what the first two small introductory books are designed to do.

The second step is to set the stage. What DO you really want? Until you know this, the rest is really meaningless. Once you enroll you will be given more details as to how to determine what you want and set as your initial intentions. This will simply be a preliminary step to help you focus. These will not be set in stone and you may want to adjust and edit them as you progress.

The curriculum falls into three categories: required, recommended & additional options. To be more specific, you will be required to read a certain number of books in each category and have the option of reading additional ones if you choose. As you finish each book you will be asked to complete a 1,500 word assessment based on seven questions.

However, it isn’t really about how many books you read because this is not an academic program. The only criteria for success in this program is your ability to master the situations and circumstances in your life and to make your dreams come true. How long will it take for you to become a master of the situations and circumstances in you life? No one can answer that except yourself. In many ways this is a life long journey. Your commitment to your own journey will be the only thing that will keep you going and your success in mastering the important areas of your life will be your degree.

So what is the cost?

  1. You can do the studies on your own and for free or you can do directed studies with a mentor.
  2. If you feel you would do better by having someone to send the assignments to and working with you as a coach, I am happy to do that. With this, you have two choices. You can pay  $500 for each 12 month period or you can commit to serving others in some way by doing volunteer work.  If you choose the former, we ask you to send a check within three days of completing the reservation.  If you decide to ‘pay it forward’ by serving others, then you can send your description of the service with as much detail as possible for approval.

How to get started

If you are considering these studies, either on your own or with coaching, it would be good to review the written exercises and curriculum first. Even if you decide not to do the studies, you will find value in reading through the exercises and annotated reading list.  I am passionate about this program because of my personal experience & success in working with the law of attraction.

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