Note:  Feel free to check on availability for specific accommodations or dates at before making signing up as a member.

Mountain Light Membership Program

Mountain Light Sanctuary is a membership based venue. The membership fee is $100 per calendar year, which covers January 1st through December 1st of each year, regardless of when a person becomes a member. Membership is only required by the person making a reservation for their own lodging and not for those who may be sharing the same accommodation. Members will also be able to make up to four day-visits per month without any additional charge.


Q: Is membership required of other persons sharing the same accommodation?
A: No, it is only required of the person making the reservation and not for others who may be sharing the same accommodation.

Q: Can a member make a reservation for more than one accommodation?
A: No, we request a separate reservation for each accommodation and the guest making the reservation must be a member.

Q: How does it work for groups?
A: Inquire for our options for groups.

Q: Is membership required of guests who just want to spend the day or attend a day event at the Sanctuary?
A: Membership is not required of day visitors if they are accompanied by a member. However there is  a $15 per day fee for non-members. There is no charge or membership required of those wishing to have a tour of the Sanctuary

Q: Is the membership fee refundable or transferable?
A: No. In the case of individual memberships, these are not refundable or transferable.

Q: Are there membership benefits besides being able to make a reservation?
A: Yes, members are able to visit the Sanctuary at any time that we are open, without charge and with prior notice. Also, members may bring up to two non-member friends with them to spend the day with the $15 per person per day fee.

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    Payment Methods Instructions

    • PayPal should be sent to


    Membership Fee ($100):

    A paypal account is not required to respond to invoice.

    Paypal Instructions

    Go to, click “money” then click “transfer or request money” then click “send to friends and family” then put in my email address “” Then key in the amount and send.