Reservation Process

Check Availability: We are often booked well in advance so we recommend you inquire about availability before registering as member. Email your inquiry to

Register As A Member: Once you find available dates for the lodging of your choice, submit your membership form at this link and then pay your membership fee ($100 per calendar ) year at paypal or request an invoice;

Submit Your Reservation: Once you have registered as a member and paid your membership fee, then submit your reservation form below. We do not have an automatic confirmation notice. Each reservation is handled personally. If you have not received your confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us at

Note: Availability changes day to day so it is important to follow these steps in sequence. Otherwise your desired accommodation may not be available by the time we exchange a lot of emails.

Membership: Mountain Light Sanctuary is a membership based venue so you will first need to become a member before making a reservation. The membership fee is $100 per calendar year, which means it covers January 1st through December 1st of each year, regardless of when a person becomes a member.  A member may make a reservation for their own accommodation but not for additional accommodations for friends or family. However, anyone sharing your own accommodation does not have to be a member. Also members are free to spend the day at the Sanctuary (by prior arrangement) any time without charge.  

Deposits, Cancellations, No Shows, Availability – We operate on an honor system with a lot of trust in people. For this reason we do not request a deposit. We do ask you to let us know ASAP if you need to cancel so the accommodation can be made available to others.  If you are unsure of your plans, you can inquire about availability for certain dates by sending an email to

NoteAs a retreat center we are not set up for same day reservations or walk-ins.  Please make your reservation at least two days in advance so that we can send you the directions and necessary information.  We also request a two day minimum reservation.

We have reserved the winter months (Dec-Mar) for solitary retreats.  During these months we will not be accommodating couples, families or groups; only individuals on retreat.

    Before Making Reservations

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