Resources For Personal Transformation

 Are we living in a virtual reality and all that we are experiencing is simply a simulation designed to give us a trial run in preparation for a greater reality? This is the premise of scientist, Gregg Braden in his new series on Gaia TV, which he backs up with some impelling recent scientific studies. It is also in accord with many ancient spiritual traditions that describe our “reality” as no more than Illusion.

 Whether or not you accept the idea that the Earth is simply a wisdom school for experience in soul growth, you are dealing with real day to day challenges, many of which are related to relationships, money, your body and your identity. The following videos offer you a wealth of guidance as you try to find your way through this maze of Earthly Experience.

 The videos vary in length from a couple of minutes to several hours for some of the audio books. Some deal with the very big picture such as the nature of reality, our ancient origins, the after-life and our place in the universe. Others deal with very mundane daily challenges including relationships, money & heath. And many of them deal with learning how to live consciously and by design rather than unconsciously by default. They are listed in alphabetical order by the authors name. Be prepared to have some of your most fundamental assumptions challenged. Don’t accept or reject anything – just consider. And most of all, experiment with what you learn. The ultimate value is whether or not it works for you.

 What better way to spend your time commuting, jogging, exercising, etc. than increasing your understanding of the nature of reality or simply how to deal more effectively with you day-to-day challenges?


Allen, James 

(As A Man Thinketh)

 Allen, Marc

(The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan For Creating The Life Of Your Dreams)


Bach, Richard

(Jonathan Livingston Seagull & Illusions)

 Bartlett, Dr. Richard

(Matrix Energetics: The Science & Art Of Transformation)

 Blair, Gary Ryan

(Goal Setting)

Borysenko, Joan

(The Power Of The Mind To Heal)

Buhlman, William  

(Out of Body Travel and the Afterlife)

Butterworth, Eric

(Spiritual Economics: The Principles & Process of True Prosperity)

Braden, Gregg  

(The Nature of Reality)


Cannon, Dolores

(Past Lives, Galactic Citizenship, The Nature Of Reality)

 Carnegie, Dale

(How To Win Friends and Influence People)

 Chopra, Deepak

(Ageless Body, Timeless Mind)

 Covey, Stephen

(Personal Empowerment)

 Cutright, Layne & Paul

(Deepening & Renewing Your Relationships)


Deida, David  

(Spirit – Sex – Love)

 Demartini, John F.  

(Personal Empowerment)

 Dotts, Richard

(Conscious Creation)

 Dyer, Wayne  

(Personal Empowerment)


Ecker, T Harv

(Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth)

 Emmons, Robert  

(The Power of Gratitude)


Ferrini, Paul  

(Love Without Conditions)


Goddard, Neville  

(Conscious Creation)

Goleman, Daniel  

(Emotional Intelligence)

 Gordon, Thomas

(Parent Effectiveness Training)

 Gottman, John

 (Making Relationships work)


Hay, Louise

 (You can Heal Your Life)

 Helmstettter, Shad

(What To Say When You Talk To Yourself)

 Hicks, Esther / Abraham  

(Conscious Creation)

 Hill, Napoleon

(Think & Grow Rich)

 Hubbard, Barbara Marx



Katie, Byron

(Overcoming Personal Challenges)

 Kinder, George  

(Money Management)

 Kiyosaki, Robert  

(Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Getting A Job Is For Losers!)

 Knight, JZ / Ramtha

(The Nature Of Reality & Conscious Creation)


Laut, Phil  

(Money Is My Friend)

Lipton, Bruce H  

(The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles)

 Losier, Michael  

(Goal Setting)


Maltz, Maxwell

(Personal Success & Self Identity)

 Martin, Howard

(Why Your Heart is Smarter Than Your Brain)

 Maxwell, John  

(Personal Empowerment)

Mayne, Brian

(Personal Empowerment)

 McCarthy, Barry & Emily

(How to stop an argument instantly)

 Monroe. Robert

(Out of Body Travel)

Myss, Caroline

(Why People Don’t Heal & How They Can)


Nemeth, Maria

(The Energy Of Money, A spiritual guide to financial and personal fulfillment)

 Newton, Michael

(Life Between Lives)


Orman, Suze  

(Steps To Financial Freedom)


Pert, Candace

(Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine)

Price, John Randolph  

(The Abundance Book)


Real, Terrence  

(Why Relationships Fail)

 Robin, Vicki  

(Your Money Or Your Life)

 Robbins, Anthony  

(Personal Empowerment)

 Roberts, Jane / Seth

(The Nature Of Reality & Conscious Creation)

Rosenberg, Marshall  

(Non-Violent Communication)


Stone, W. Clement  

(Personal Success)

Stone, Patton, Heen & Fisher

(Difficult Conversations)


Tannen, Deborah

(You Just Don’t Understand: Men & Women In Conversation)

 Tracy, Brian

(Personal Empowerment)

 Truman, Karol

(Feelings Buried Alive Never Die)

Twist, Lynne

(The Soul Of Money: Transforming Your Relationship With Money & Life)


Vitale, Joe

(Personal Success & Conscious Creation)


Walsh, Neal Donald

(Conversations With God)

 Wattles, Wallace

(The New Science of Getting Rich)

Weil, Andrew MD  

(Spontaneous Healing: How To Discover & Embrace Your Body’s Natural Ability To Maintain & Heal Itself )

Wilcock, David

(Galactic Citizenship, Ancient Origins, The “Deep State”)

Wilder, Barbara

(Money Is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins Of Money)

William, Anthony

(The Source of Illness & How To Heal)